Who Is The Woman Within Me?

The Woman Within Weekend takes you on a journey into yourself.
This is our signature program.

Through this journey you are given the opportunity to reconnect with the part of yourself that intuitively knows what is right for you – your ageless wisdom. The Weekend offers a series of experiential activities, guided meditations, and focused individual and group exercises. These processes have been carefully designed to help women find and access their inner power to support themselves in their daily lives. In a supportive environment, each woman has an opportunity to reclaim her wholeness as a woman.

Explore how your life could be different at the Woman Within Weekend, offered by Woman Within South Central USA and around the world through Woman Within International. Clearly see who you are and what you want out of life. The Weekend is an invaluable adventure into your inner landscape – and our signature program.

Are you ready to let down the masks or defenses you may use as protection and journey into yourself to experience your deepest feelings so that you can transform them into what you want in your life?

How Can One Weekend Change My Life

The Woman Within Weekend is a powerful 48-hour immersion experience for women. It is a series of exercises, guided imagery and intense individual and group work leading to new perspective and insight. For some, it is the opportunity simply to be heard.  For others, it is having the space to experience profound emotions. Still for others, it is the rare experience of compassion and strength created by women joining together to accept, empower and honor themselves and each other. We encourage you to attend the weekend to discover how your life can be different.

What do women get out of Woman Within? It’s different for every woman.

Perhaps you’ve come to a crossroads in your life, or you want to deepen your self-awareness and growth. Join the thousands of women from around the world who have experienced this inner unfolding – and have come out of it enriched, with a clearer vision and more ready to live the life they want. It’s an experience like no other, created just for women. It is the Woman Within Weekend.

What happens on the Weekend? Through a series of exercises, guided imagery and intense individual and group experiences, the Weekend offers tools to help you delve deep into your own inner landscape – to see which parts of you need further acknowledgment and integration so you can live life to the fullest. It’s not therapy – but the chance to be heard as you discover your inner voice. To experience intense emotions without judgment. And to experience the rare compassion and strength of other women.

When and where does it take place? This residential Weekend starts Friday evening and goes through Sunday afternoon. The Woman Within Weekends in the South Central Region are held at a retreat center in rural North Zulch, Texas.

Who can attend? Any woman over 18 years old. There are no prerequisites. (The Weekend is a prerequisite for some of our other programs.)

What is the cost? In the US, Weekends range from approximately $650-$1085. In the South Central Region, the Woman Within Weekend regular registration fee is $750.00. We offer military discounts, installment plans, and financial aid. We want every woman to be able to attend the Weekend regardless of her financial circumstances. Based on site and travel costs, prices in other regions vary.

Thousands of women from around the world have experienced the power of the signature Woman Within Weekend and of sitting in an empowering, supportive Women’s Circle, alongside other women who want to keep growing and connecting.

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Woman Within South Central USA creates space for authentic connection and empowers transformation in service of women and the world.

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