Woman Within Circle Training

A Circle is a group of women who meet regularly to support one another on their growth journey. It’s a place to nourish our spirits, strengthen our hearts, and be seen, heard, challenged and accepted.

In a Woman Within Circle Training, you will learn and practice tools to help build a deeper connection with yourself and others. At the end of this 8 week circle-building experience, you will have the opportunity to continue sitting in a committed circle of women if you choose. The Circle Training happens in an 8-week online format, though it has also been available in a weekend intensive format.

Circle Training is an experiential workshop led by certified guides where you will learn and practice tools to help build a deeper connection with yourself and others. Topics addressed in this training include deep listening, growing from conflict, and coping with fear, shame and guilt.  This is a wonderful way to begin your experience with Woman Within or to deepen your work after participation in other Woman Within workshops. The cost of the training is $150 and there are no prerequisites.

How much will it cost and what else do I need to know?

About Financial Assistance

We want every woman to be able to participate in a Circle Training, regardless of her financial circumstances. The cost of the Circle Training is $150 per woman. This pays for the cost of the women who guide the Circles along with administration. We ask each woman to make a donation for as much towards this $150 cost as she can.  If you need financial assistance in order to attend the Circle Training, please contact the Circle Coordinator, at circles@womanwithinsouthcentralusa.org

Make a Difference

Help us continue supporting women in our community – join the Sustainable Giving Initiative.

Small, on-going donations of even $10/month add up very quickly. Sustainable Giving donations allow Woman Within South Central USA to continue to offer financial aid to Circle Trainings, Woman Within Weekends and all our continuing workshops.

In the past, we may have listened to others’ answers about what we need and who we are. It is now time to go home to ourselves, to discover how expansive our inner life really is.

Char Tosi, Founder Woman Within International