Applying to Staff

*Please note: If you do not receive a submission notification and follow up email, then your application did not successfully complete.

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Completion of the Woman Within Staff Training is not necessary to submit a Staff Application;
however, it is a requirement you complete the training before your first time staffing a Woman Within Weekend.

WWSC Staffing Fee = $125.00, * see all staffing requirements on the left.

All Staff Members are required to arrive at the Weekend site on Thursday evening by 7pm. Please plan accordingly when applying to staff. If you are unable to arrive by 7pm Thursday, please consider serving as a Comfort Queen as they have more flexible shifts.

Staffing Application

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  • Please Note: We strive to provide both a vegetarian and gluten-free option at all meals. If you have a specific preferred food plan (WW, Keto, Vegan, etc.) or have food dislikes, allergies, preferences (i.e. tomatoes, peanuts, dairy, etc.) a menu will be provided and you are empowered to bring your own substitutes. Limited refrigerator space will be available with preference given to participants. You are allowed to bring a *small* personal cooler - limited ice will be available.
  • Special diet due to allergies / medical diagnosis / food intolerance / personal preference - I will review the menu and supplement my chosen menu as needed.
  • Any physical limitations that may prevent you from participating in carpet work process (bad back, can't lift, etc.) Any allergies that the Safety Staff needs to be aware of (bee stings, poison ivy, etc.)
  • Emergency Contact Information

  • Woman Within History

  • formerly known as “Women Empowering Women (WEW)”
  • formerly known as “Level 2”
  • Facilitator in Training / Facilitator Level
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  • Position Desired

  • **Nurturer requires completion of Woman Within Skills and a certain level of experience staffing the Woman Within Weekend.
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