An Ancient and Honored Tradition

Witnessing and holding space for other women is an ancient and honored tradition.

As a staff member, you help to create and hold the container for other women. Women who staff are rewarded through this powerful and sacred experience.

“I learn from every woman who attends our programs.”

Staffing a Woman Within Weekend enriches your life. Give yourself the gift of supporting other women on their Woman Within Weekend journey of self-discovery. Once you’ve completed your Weekend, you can come back and support other women who are new to the Woman Within community as they reclaim their authentic selves.

Staffing is a gift that you can give to yourself and to the women just beginning their Woman Within journey here in the South Central Region or anywhere in the world. It’s also a wonderful way to make deep, lasting friendships, and connection with other women seeking personal growth.

  • Woman Within Staff Training is required before staffing the Woman Within Weekend. It does not matter where you take the training.
  • Staff Training is offered to women around a month prior to an upcoming weekend. Please fill out your application and let us know your availability both for training and staffing.

“What I get out of staffing is an opportunity to connect with a loving, supportive network of women; to fully immerse myself in their authentic energy and to be truly present for others. There is no doubt when I staff I get as much from staffing as I did from doing my Weekend, if not more. It’s a fantastic gift to be part of others’ Weekends and be witness to their experience. I love it too when I connect again with someone who says to me ‘You staffed my Weekend!’”