Open Supportive Women’s Circles

Sitting in circle is an opportunity to connect deeply with other women, and to give and receive support on your life’s journey. It is a place of celebration in times of joy and support in times of stress or sorrow. It is a place to question and challenge yourself in times of growth, a place to nourish your spirit and strengthen your heart.

Open Circles are for all women, regardless of whether they have completed the Weekend! To get started, determine which Circle best fits your schedule and reach out to the Circle Leader for Zoom info!

2nd MONDAYS – 11:30-1:30pm CT
Tonia Andersen (Mississippi):

1st TUESDAYS – 7:00-9:00pm CT
Karen Sharp (Houston):
Amy Peevey (Houston):

4th TUESDAYS – 7:00-9:00pm CT
Monttein Alonso (Houston):

2nd WEDNESDAYS – 7:00-9:00pm CT
Nancy Martch (Houston):

Kimberly McCollum (Austin):

Come experience our community of conscious and authentic women and — if you choose — while you’re here you may work on an issue that’s come up in your life. You are also welcome to simply come and be present without working on anything. Nobody is required to share. Women are often amazed at how much can be gained from a single evening spent in one of these circles, which typically number 4-12 women on any given evening. These circles are totally free. They are a gift from the women of the Woman Within South Central USA Community – created by women, for women.

A Circle of Women

Imagine there was a circle of women
To listen when you needed to talk
To witness when you needed to be heard

Imagine there was a circle of women – unique every time
Created with purpose to hold and affirm you
A place of empowerment, to heal and to grow
A place of support for you – A circle of women

Now imagine a woman needing to share
Opening her heart to feelings that lie there
Can you listen without judgement?
Can you hear what she says?
Are you open to the possibilities of just the power of your presence?

Your wisdom may be her bridge
Your listening a gift
A simple connection – so powerful
A circle of women – so powerful

As you imagine this circle of women
Imagine a space for you – and all that you are, just as you are
The circle has room, step in and be seen
The time is now, you are here
Let the magic begin.

~ Jane Martin – Woman Within Weekend, September ’08

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