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The Woman Within Weekend is a powerful immersion experience for women.  It is a series of exercises, guided imagery and intense individual and group work leading to new perspective and insight. For some, it is the opportunity simply to be heard. For others, it is having the space to experience profound emotions. Still, for others, it is the rare experience of compassion and strength created by women joining together to accept, empower and honor themselves and each other.

We encourage you to attend The Weekend to discover how your life can be different.



Early Bird Registration: $675.00 – Tuition Fee must paid in full by Sept 1, 2022 (Early Bird Discount can not be used if applying for Financial Assistance or Military Discount)

Standard Registration: $750.00

Military Discount Registration: $650.00 (To obtain the military discount, please register for the Military Discount Price below and then contact us at centerdirector@circlesofwomen.com)

Financial Aid: $550.00 (Please review the Financial Aid Requirements here: https://womanwithinsouthcentralusa.org/financial-aid/)

The registration includes program materials and all meals Saturday and through the completion of the weekend on Sunday.

If you have any questions please contact us at 832-324-9430 or at Center Director

We look forward to your participation in this transformational training weekend.

If you have done a Weekend before and would like to staff, please fill out the staffing application here.

Register for Your Woman Within Weekend

  • Participation fee is $750 and includes program materials and all meals Saturday and through the completion of the weekend on Sunday. A $250 refundable deposit reserves your space with the balance due approximately 14 days prior to the weekend. If you would like to qualify for financial assistance or military discount, your deposit is $150. For Financial Assistance and Military Discounts, we will contact you for additional information.
  • Woman Within South Central Offers Several Weekends Each Year. Please Choose The Weekend You Would Like to Attend.
  • We offer a financial assistance program to women in need.

What happens on the Weekend?

The Weekend offers a series of experiential activities, guided meditations and focused individual and group exercises. These processes have been carefully designed to help women find and access their inner power to support themselves in their daily lives.

BEGINNING  |  Friday night: Register and settle in. Unplug from the everyday world by removing your watch, makeup and jewelry. Meet your group for the Weekend. Begin by reflecting on yourself and your life.

GOING DEEPER  |  Saturday morning: Feel your emotions and inner conflicts. Touch upon what has brought you to the Weekend.

TRANSFORMING  |  Saturday afternoon: Take an experiential challenge to embody your authentic self. For instance, you may choose to step into your strength, break through barriers or experience your untapped potential or wisdom.

FINDING NEWNESS  |  Saturday night: Illuminate a new part of yourself. Be welcomed into the circle of women.

RELEASING  |  Sunday morning: Feel losses from your life – and choose to forgive. Recognize your connection to nature, humanity and your innate ability to create what you want in life. See what it’s like to be affirmed as a woman. Express your joy.

CELEBRATING  |  Sunday afternoon: Take part in a feast of affirmation, laughter and community. Learn about options for continuing your journey. Connect, acknowledge – and return to your life.

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