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Circle Training will set the standard and introduce you to a new set of communication skills needed for a successful support circle. You will learn to create a safe, confidential, cohesive group that can support each other’s path towards empowerment without judgement, advice or storytelling.

How much will it cost and what else do I need to know?

  • $125 is how much it costs the community for each woman who attends. We ask that you make a donation of $125 when you attend the Circle Training. The women who attended the training before you paid for your training in this way. We ask that you make a donation to pay for the next woman to attend the training after you.
  • This training is non-residential.
  • This is great way to take your first step into Woman Within.
  • Open to all woman 18 or older.

About Financial Assistance

We want every woman to be able to participate in a Circle Training, regardless of her financial circumstances. We ask only that each women make a donation in order to attend the Circle Training. The women from the Circle before paid for your training. We ask that you do what you can to help pay for the women who come after you.

The cost of the Circle Training is $125 per woman. This pays for the cost of the women who guide the Circles along with supplies and administration. We ask each woman to make a donation for as much towards this $125 cost as she can.

Make a Difference

Help us continue supporting women in our community – join the Sustainable Giving Initiative.

Small, on-going donations of even $10/month add up very quickly. Sustainable Giving donations allow Circles of Women South Central to continue to offer financial aid to Circle Trainings, Woman Within Weekends and all our continuing workshops.

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