Deep within every woman is a desire to touch her magnificence and be celebrated.

This journey is about finding the treasure of your true self. When you seek for your deep personal truths, you need courage and willingness to commit to take the journey and to commit to live your purpose and your mission from a grounded, strong place inside yourself. This journey not only transforms you, it transforms those around you.

Entering the forest is the first step on our journey to discover our woman within. That first step, crossing the threshold into the unknown, is a symbolic letting go, a death of sorts to who we once were, in order to encounter the woman we are meant to be. Our true potential is hidden in the depths of the unknown landscape stretching out before us. Th e forest shimmers with both the light and the darkness, where the conscious, known parts of us play with the unconscious, shadow aspects of ourselves. We all have times in our lives when we need to enter our forest. For some women this comes after a major event, like a divorce, loss of a friend or family member, birth of a child, loss of a job or beginning a new job, to name a few. Even when things are going well for us, we need to find that still, sacred place inside of us where we can deepen and enrich our lives. Going into the  forest consciously gives us a chance to discover new paths through what otherwise may seem like a very dark and scary passage. Some women are hurled into their forests through episodes of depression and anxiety and wake up to find they are entangled in a place that feels hopeless. These times require us to sit still and listen to what the forest has to say. Whether we enter the forest consciously or unconsciously doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we spend time in the forest so we can find what is needed in our lives.

“On every page of Char’s book, you’ll find yourself, the women you care about, the women you don’t like, the women you wish you could be. Through these encounters, you’ll remember your place in the sisterhood of Womankind.”

– Jude Blitz, MA, Co-Founder of the Women in Power Workshop

“Char Tosi’s book is a must read for any man or woman interested in fathoming the depths of the female psyche.”

– Jim and Linda Brooks, Certified Facilitators of Shadow Work®